James is an Oregon native and Combat Veteran who lives and works in the Portland area. Since late 2017 he's been involved in the Oregon Republican Party, serving as a Precinct Committeeperson in Multnomah County, canvassing for candidates in the 2018 election, and performing post-election data analysis. He spends his free time volunteering, going to Crossfit and spending time with his girlfriend Rebeca.

"I got involved in Oregon politics because I was frustrated with the rise of the alt-right and the venom and hatred coming from Washington. I realized I had a choice to make: I could either stand back and complain or I could get involved and do something. I've decided to do something."



Nick, pictured here with his wife Madeline, has lived in Oregon since 2015. A native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, he's lived in several cities across the United States before settling in Portland. Nick's been involved in Republican politics in Texas, Washington, D.C., and Pittsburgh, prior to volunteering on a race here in Oregon during the 2016 election and working as full time staff on a race during the 2018 cycle. In his free time, he enjoys hosting bar trivia, volunteering with one of a few local organizations, and playing hockey in a beer league on Sunday nights. 

"I was tremendously excited when I got to Oregon and saw that so many shared my view of the party: rather than being a vehicle for vitriol, xenophobia, and small-mindedness, there's an opportunity and a necessity to be more forward thinking on some of the issues that have caused friction in the past while still working to create economic opportunity and growth."