DPO Platform Article 5 - Good Governance

James and Nick welcome back Xander to discuss the 5th Article of the Democratic Party of Oregon platform. 

Allen Alley & Jim Pasero

James and Nick welcome Allen Alley and Jim Pasero from the show Abrams, Alley and Pasero on 101FM KXL (8am Sunday mornings). We started talking about COVID-19 and the conversation turned to China and culture. 

DPO Platform Article 4 - Foreign Policy

Since everyone is on lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic we thought it was a good time to revisit our series on the DPO Platform. Nick and James welcome back podcast regular Xander Almeida to break down Article 4.

Vaccines Revisited

James and Nick welcome an anonymous guest to talk about vaccines and take the alternate view that the state should not require vaccines.

Alyssa Vinsonhaler for Portland City Council

James had the opportunity to sit down with Alyssa Vinsonhaler who is running for Portland City Council. As of posting, Alyssa has suspended her campaign. Alyssa is an activist in Portland, fighting ANTIFA and standing up for 2nd Amendment rights. 

Nick interviews James: Why I'm running

For the first time in many episodes, we don't have a guest! In this episode, Nick interviews James and we discuss why James is running for office in House District 36 and what he's going to focus on once elected. 

Episode 25: Redistricting

James and Nick welcome Norman Turrill who is the President of the League of Women Voters Advocacy Fund and one of the chief petitioners for People Not Politicians which is a ballot measure designed to set up a bipartisan commission to redraw district lines after every census. 

Episode 24: Potent Potables with Martin Medeiros

James and Nick welcome Martin Mederios, a local author, speaker and attorney who specializes in negotiation and persuasion. The goal was to talk about Martin's specialty but we ended up talking about vaccines, logging and autonomous vehicles. 

Episode 23: Alexander Flores

In this episode James and Nick welcome Alexander Flores, 2018 Republican candidate for Oregon Senate District 15. We talk about issues that affect the Latino community in Oregon and how the GOP can be more friendly to Latino voters. 

Episode 22: Being Gay in the GOP

James and Nick welcome Karl Rohde, an openly gay local politician who also happens to be a Republican. We talk about how Karl became a Republican and why he has decided to stay in the era of Trump. We also touch on morality and how it plays a part in modern politics.

Episode 21: DPO Platform Article 3 - Environment

James and Nick welcome back Xander Almeida and friend-of-the-pod Jacob Vandever to discuss the Democrats' priorities for the environment. 

Episode 20: DPO Platform Article 2 - Education

Nick couldn't make it for this recording, but James, Xander and Peter take a stab at Article 2 of the DPO Platform. We discuss a lot of issues on the topic of education and the government's role in educating our children. 

Episode 19: DPO Platform Article 1 - Economy

James and Nick welcome back Xander and Peter, our guests from the ORP Platform Convention podcast to tackle another important document: The Democrat Party of Oregon platform! This will turn into a series so stay tuned for more episodes.

Episode 18: Rich Vial - Deputy Secretary of State

 James and Nick welcome Deputy Secretary of State and former State Representative Rich Vial. We talk about partisanship Oregon, priorities in the SoS office and how we can do better. 

Episode 17: Jeff Eager - Former Bend Mayor

In the final podcast from our Bend trip, James and Nick speak with Jeff Eager, former Bend May or and current political consultant. We get into a technical discussion about how Republicans should focus our energy going forward. 

Episode 16: Prison Reform

James and Nick welcome Frank Patka who runs a non-profit called Changing Patterns which helps to get former inmates integrated back into society through employment and support. We talk about what's wrong with the prison system in Oregon and what steps we can take to reduce recidivism.

Episode 15: Dr. Knute Buehler

James and Nick met each other through their work on the Knute Buehler gubernatorial campaign and it's been an unofficial goal of this podcast to one day interview Dr. Buehler. The opportunity finally presented itself so Nick and James took a trip to Bend and this is the result!

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